Thursday, April 19, 2007

wtf is wrong with the bitch boys?

kanto tan: hi
denne: ..
denne: who's this?
kanto tan: secret admirer
denne: wenks.
kanto tan: nasa house kaba
denne: why.
kanto tan: gsto ko lang malaman
denne: yup
kanto tan: mgisa ka lang jan ngayon
kanto tan: ?
denne: nope
kanto tan: ok ok
kanto tan: so tanong ko lang kung liberated ka
denne: so tanong ko lang kung sino ka?
kanto tan: secret admirer nga
denne: does that answer my question?
kanto tan: i think so
denne: i think of things maturely, does that count as liberated?
kanto tan: does that answer my question?
denne: i don't know
kanto tan:ahhh ok
kanto tan: so hmmm
kanto tan: pwde ka ba mayaya
denne: huh?
kanto tan: pwde ka ba mayaya makipag ano
denne:should i get your IP address could i hack into your computer
kanto tan: ok cge2
kanto tan has signed out. (4/19/2007 10:56 AM)

teh hax0r has won!

yeah right. as if i could hack with just one's ip add.

matanong ko lang ha.

WTF is wrong with you people? WTH is with all these perversions? for crying out loud, sex is such an overrated thing!

you think it's funny? does that make you cool? or anything like that? well no. CAPS LOCK: COWARDICE. should i find out who each and every one of you are could i just file you with sexual harassment. except ofcourse starpish.

so. whoever jakolero_boy123 is, karma nalang. :0

(my. what a filthy word to defile my blog with.)

knock knock. matino akong tao. nagpapakatino akong tao. ewan ko nalang sa inyo kung anong problema nyo't kelangan niyo kong bastusin. does liberated mean pwedeng bastusin? is state of mind or opinion congruent to law? i don't think so. law doesn't agree with that. gawd, i feel like i should take pre-law. then law. and be a lawyer. law-er.

don't ever ever think of me as easy and cheap. that's totally not me. if i were, then bakit wala pang nakaabot sa stage ng panliligaw sa kin? friends pa lang nasindak na eh! kawawang mga bata. isumbong kay Narci..


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