Thursday, August 30, 2007



you're so very nosey.

(ayan, happy yet? nabanggit kita! sige, isumbong mo na ko, kanino? you know who.)

hahaha. lumagpas ako kanina. umabot akong novaliches. ayus bords

Owen did not become an hero, but he is still SEAKING cocaine, FUCK YEAH!.

A mug shot of Owen's brother Luke Wilson.
A mug shot of Owen's brother Luke Wilson.

Owen Wilson, a poorly aging 38-year-old actor-slash-faux-comedian, may be spotted in far too many “films” with his ugly step-twin, Ben Stiller, and is noted for bizarre -- and failed --attempts at comedy as “You, Me, and Dupree”. Born in outer redneckistan, his nose has gradually expanded through numerous attempts to do plastic surgery on the cheap and/or the fly, and is believed to be the source of his current troubled life. Nearly two years after starring in the sole movie anyone actually saw, Wedding Crashers, his star fades with all the grace of Tonya Harding. His slide into obscurity has become a source of deep shame to him and his family, and Mr. Wilson decided that something must be done to once again command the attention he believes he so rightly deserves.

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