Monday, May 29, 2006

I'ma waste my ka-ching tomorrow.

The title pretty much says it all. Due to my very superior, experienced, and advanced mechanical skills, I need to buy another mp3 player. Wahaha. :)
So there, tomorrow, I'ma buy myself one, and aviators as well. Kasi nga diba, pogi ako.
Made another email add. I think I'll use this one when I'm in college :) . Nah. I'll use this next schoolyear.
it's dishifishypeachypop(at) mail me there! :3
mahaba nga lang. wahaha.
{{Flipped through the pages of the Kaharian ng Araw booklet. WAAAW. I had the BANGS. As in, Even thicker than my bangs. Plus I also got to play with my 'old' hair. Before, I had 1 meter of hair and had it chopped off just above the middle. And i kept the chopped-off part. Sabi ni ser anton ibenta ko daw sa gumagawa ng paintbrush. para kumita. wahaha.

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