Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time To Swallow Spit.

Muhahaa. Mekaniko mode nanaman ako.
Bought some soldering leadwire for my trusty friend, Darna.
(Hmm...Actually, I was thinking between buying a new one, preferably a much better model, and fixing her. Well, since I'm in a saving-for-nothing frenzy, I'll have to settle with fixing her.)
Nyah. Just pray I could get it right. Hindi naman ako enhinyero.
Piss. Went to the mall this morning, with my freaky short hair down. It turned out nice, It's not that short at all. Sa totoo lang, parang within 3 days humaba na sya. Or maybe I just overreacted. Haharr.

Nakaaaaaao. Took out some Del Monte Fruit Express from the grocery shelves. Hay. After my chemical rejection to yogurt, I'll have to eat fruits for breakfast. And lunch. No dinner. :)
Currently making another piece right now, Sugar Star, it's about confusion. And sorts.

May nakausap na rin akong tao sa YM (na may sense.) Eto part ng log namin:

dishiiiii (5/24/2006 2:12:28
PM): ano yung ikekwento mo dapat?

Lara_dlc_Ceres (5/24/2006
2:13:01 PM): haha.. maya2..

dishiiiii (5/24/2006 2:13:10
PM): hokie

ooops! hanggang dyan lang. haha.

Finally. Nasagot ko na rin ang misteryosong kababalaghan ng kung babae ba o lalaki ang kumanta ng GO!GO! Lolita samting samting.
Well, Babae nga. Tama aku, you guys should be listening to more of The 5,6,7,8s. And other j-based bands. Hardy.

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