Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hardy! After the hippieboys (bj and tyler) smacked the fratboys on the ass when they won the Amazing Race, ngayon naman, si Taylor. Yay! You won the 5th American Idol notch, and beat that McPheever girl. Soul. :) [picture: the Taylor Hicks, singing, with... ermm..his eyes photochopped. yes, photochopped.]

I need a darn hobby. I still haven't fixed Darna cos I'm too friggin lazy to fetch some thin copper wires from the backyard. Yeah. They're scattered all over the grass. And the coconut tree that Father Robert gave us when we had our first communion. Ha.
I promised myself that I'ma memorize the Periodic table of elements by the first week of summer, and up to this day, I haven't. Harr! I just don't want to think of school right now. This is the same thing that I did the summer before second year. Just sleep and sleep so that time flies by faster.

Ngah. I need my daily dose of musheik. Darna, can't you fix yourself???? :/

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