Friday, November 2, 2007


midnight. i'm drinking, and i just woke up. just paid for my second floor extension in AnimalCrossing (di-esu!) and danced to Sweet Escape when i heard it.

so what up.

i must confess.

1) Cerealicous is the seckz. i like Charlie and the Chocnut Factory, in Blockbuster. Whenever i pass by The Block (before going home, from TriNoma), i make sure I get a cup (err, baby bucket?). Sometimes instead of just getting plain old macchiato or cappuccino or espresso with a sprinkling of flavor from Figaro, Seattle's Best or Starbucks, i grab a bowl (err, baby bucket?) here.

who said cereal was for kids?

2) Alcohol is my carbonated drink substitute. When watching TV with people, (or at halloween parties, i recall) or just slacking by the couch listening to lounge music, i drink not Coke or Pepsi (or Dr. Pepper, but i love that drink). While the people around me are sipping on their soft drinks, i like mine with alcohol content. Even some sheer flavored vodka or irish creme will do. as long as it's not Pepsi. Or Coke.

3)The only soft drink i'd buy is A&W Sparkling Vanilla Cream Soda. diet.

4)I hate it when McDonald's staff don't know what a milkshake is. Hell, all of their branches should have milk shake makers! Dem bitchez.

5) I put on 4 layers of nail polish: base coat (clear), 3 coats of color (something that brightens me up), and a top coat (clear again, no shimmer pls.) I hate metallic colors (except platinum, goooo korea). An exception of course, only one coat of color when I'm using Skin Food nail polish. I love Skin Food nail polish. Around 200php.

i ♥ coralie clement

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