Sunday, November 4, 2007

Un Double Jeu, de Dupe

things that could make me über happeh:

1) be a soccer wife.
2) make a live action version of something hilarious
3) monty python. (this parrot is dead! this parrot has ceased to exist! this parrot is no more! this is an ex-parrot!)
4) macho men in red wife beaters, shorts and afro hair dancing to some northern european folk song.
5) becks flippin a finger.
6) be an heiress
7) be a mob leader (lulz, suspenders)
8) LD Miller cryin
9) doods with heckuvan accent (l'italianos, francais, russians and mexicans, lul)
10) language lessons
11) a caucasian-made car (anything but a Lamborghini, do not want.)
13) becks.
14) ADRIANA LIMA (no ale ambrosios plz)
15) shu uemura and nars.
16) ADRIANA LIMA'S virginity

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