Sunday, November 18, 2007

where the skies are bloochu

ayoko na ng de-slide na phone. medyo hindi kasi natitigil sa pagbutingting si left-chan at right-kun, matanggal pa yung slider. haha. i remember back in elementary, i'd always hold a piece of paper or chalk pag may challenges, quiz bees, perio, etc etc, then at the end of the event, durog na. :)

since naiingit ako sa phone ni maam rox, HAHA! gagayahin ko sya. pero pagusapan muna natin ang telepono ni papa kyle jimenez.

i'm starting to like nokia AGAIN after they released yung 6300 (and later, 6301). they proved that they still knew what people wanted. what people were after. what people needed. eto na nga yung tinuturo sa Araling Panlipunan, hindi naman lahat ng tao kelangan ng 3g, wifi, dual cam, at bobong design. curse N81's failure of a slider, N82's failure of a slider and buttons, 5310's failure of a design, N73's constant freezing/hanging/and crappy joystick, N95's blah design. pag ako nagkaron ng chance na gumawa ng design ng selpon, bah!


to anybody who thinks child p0rn is kewl:
and after Mariannet Amper's suicide (naiyak ako dun, swear) i realized how much the youth have evolved.
specially child porn, which is almost legal in Russia (kung san nakatira si Sputmy). CP gets u B&.


okey. naguguluhan na ko. 6120/6121, n81(worst case, n73, yuck)? the only diff bet. 6121 and n73 is the cam. 6120 is lighter than 6300 pero brighter ang 6300. i only like n81 cos it looks kyewt. or shall i wait for a phone i won't call BLAH being the style critique i am? halp. ;p

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