Friday, December 28, 2007

Chzo Mythos

777 is a cute number.

have you tried these? i never thought i'd get so spooked out by some more-mediocre-than-NES looking graphics. actually, the games aren't all that mediocre. they're great. it's just the mediocre graphics (IT ADDS TO THE SPOOKYNESS MIND YOU) that makes one think so. you could finish these in one sitting if you're a pro at point and click type adventure games or if you know the basic "rarr!! ghost chase!" cliches. play them in order! (not chronological in terms of in-game date!)
  1. 5 days a stranger [kinda freaky]
  2. 7 days a skeptic [freaky]
  3. Trilby's Notes [scary]
  4. 6 days a sacrifice [freaky]

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