Thursday, December 13, 2007


we found a giant green grasshopper a while ago. it looked like a crossbreed between a frog and an okra. it wouldn't jump unless startled, so we labeled it as tamad na okra. it flies, and apparently is hiding at the top of a tree. it looks somewhat like this, only more okra-like:

giant grasshopper/okra.
Evolved from A Bug's Life character, Hopper.
a cross between the native philippine frog and the australian green okra.
has a hang time of 6 minutes and a wing span of one arm's length.

okay. so i went to school. at around 1:30. by 2:00 classes were FUCKING SUSPENDED. i mean, anong trip yon? i had the nerve to go to school at 1:30pm and after 30 minutes, the administration suspends FUCKING CLASSES?!

and to trace the FUCKING ROOTS. anong klaseng nanay ang maglolock sayo sa kwarto for 16 hours?! not taking into consideration na may klase tomorrow?! i missed 2 FUCKING, yes, TWO FUCKING LONG TESTS! and dont she dare start that 'PASALAMAT KA BINUHAY KA NAMIN' drama, coz i never really asked to be alive anyway!! GODDAMN FUCKING FAMILY!

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