Wednesday, December 5, 2007

shek ur grub teng

Pagod ako oke! my legs (ankles pala haha) hurt like crap! pics pala namin ni yeyey. di pa OL si kevs kaya di ko pa makuha yung iba kong pics, nehehehe. :) may bago na pala ang 08. di na 08 bobo. 08 porno na!
may costume na nga rin pala kami nina mikee at gioan sa UPIS fair :) nehehehe. :)

Directions: Go to Google. Type on the search box "[your name] likes to", "[your name] hates", "[your name] loves to" including the quotation marks. List down the first ten things that appear.

1)Denise likes to participate in sports and scuba dive.
[wtf! haha, scuba dive daw?]
2)Denise likes to spend the little spare time she has with her large
family – she has 13 brothers and sisters and 27 nieces and nephews
[anak ng, andami ah!].
3)Denise likes to golf, go boating on the river and enjoys spending time
with her husband, Dan, and son, Sean. [sino si DAN?!]
4)Denise likes to be herself and have fun!
5)Denise likes to read biographies.
6)Denise likes to spend her time reading, playing with Luke, and doing
research on the computer. [sino si LUKE?]
7)Denise likes to volunteer for anything that promotes education and has
volunteered as a tutor.
8)Denise likes to set her own pace.
9)Denise likes to mix it up.
10)Denise likes to play with whipcream. [hahaha,
mah gash, porno ito]

1)Denise hates having her picture taken [that's not

2)Denise hates him and he knows it doesn't he lol.
[ano daw?]

3)Denise hates reading about graphic design history.
4)Denise hates her hair. [i loves it]
5)Denise hates Shirley's callous attitude and wishes that she'd never
kept her address. [sino si shirley?]
6)Denise hates letting anyone down, but this was too good a chance to
7)Denise hates to clean up after cooking.
8)Denise Hates Charlie.[sino si charlie?]
9)Denise 'hates ' me for the following reasons.
10)Denise hates her clients to post anything on the Internet anywhere.

1)Denise loves to give back.
2)Denise Loves to let her boys nurse on her nipples.
3)Denise Loves to Laugh
4)Denise loves to shop (of course!) so she loves a deal, a steal and to
end the day with a nice meal.
5)Denise loves to cook and serve food, watches the food network
religiously and wants to be in her own cooking show someday.
6)Denise loves to write.
7)Denise loves to wear sexy lingerie and tease you with her tight teen
body. [KANINA PA TONG 08 porno na to a]
8)Denise loves to give Christmas cards to her friends at Working Mothers
Day Nursery and Tobosa.
9)Denise loves to laugh and loves people.
10)Denise loves to travel, has back-packed through Europe, visited
Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean along with 40 of the United States.

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