Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hay guise!

lol. wala daw pumapansin sakin? xD

take it, dude. pansinin ako. i don't like unnecessary attention but, kahit mga PTA na nga nagsasabing pansinin ako. kaya nga ako laging nakashades. para makita kung sinong tumitingin sakin without them knowing i'm looking back at them? ang bitter mo, BAYANTEL DSL USER SCUM. :) with the help of Records, i shall put this to hustisya. :) you've been here yesterday too. ;) and you're not a frequent visitor. :) you have both msie and ff so can i guess you're a frequent comp user? lol. PRINT SCREEN IS PRINT, y/n?

and sabihin mo mang POV ko lang yun, LUL! hindi na sakin nanggaling yan xD

one thing's for sure, BITTER KA.

hehe. and that's not my problem, nor do i have the solution.
and however much you claim not to be ingget or bitter or whatev, LUL. it's apparent. don't deny it. everybody who could read your shit can see that :) cheers!

good luck in january!

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