Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh Snap

Gawd. i've been thinking about this over and over since 3:00 this morning. see, my entire family is moving to mindanao (business thingy-thing-thing) and i'm gonna be the only one left behind (and my brother, though he won't be of any use since he's always away).
Darn. Do they know how life'll be by myself? I can't even pass for a dorm room.

  • I'm 15 for crying out loud. I'm not even in college
  • How the heck am i supposed to cook? i'm even afraid of turning the stove on.
  • If i was using some old skool gas stove, and not an electric stove, how the heck am i going to change the gas?
  • im afraid to plug stuff around the house
  • i can't clean the house unless someone pays me to do so
  • i can't do the laundry. i can't even stand the whirr-whizzing sound of the washing machine.
  • how am i supposed to buy groceries
  • im afraid of my own room
  • how am i supposed to STUDY when all my time is left for HOUSEWORK.

Gawd talaga. hope they get me a servant or something.
eh kung tumira naman ako sa iba, problema ko..

  • internet. gaah. necessity:)
  • reference books
  • distance from school.

please wag niyo naman akong iwanan dito. :'( pero i think kailangan. kung para lang sa ikabubuti ng aming pamumuhay. tsaka para sa ikabubuti ni dade. nakooo00000.

:'(( sulk around and be emotional. ikalat mo ang dalamhati.

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