Saturday, July 1, 2006

Puny Slugs.

I hate this weekend. Yeah right, it's my birthday tomorrow, but what for? i still have to read the crystal cave in 2 days (or less). i hate the book. i don't know why, but maybe because i hate fantasy stories and other schpartzy-schartzy whatnots. then i'll have to finish making this brochure, which was supposed to be a groupwork, but then I think I'll end up making it myself. Since only Marianne was nice enough to summarize, paraphrase, and understand her part. Gaah, I hate you guys. :)
Si Marvie nagpasa na din, si Isip, wala nang pag-asa, wala na siyang grade, tapos si Kibin Ri, ewan ko sa kanya kung magpapasa pa siya basta kung ayaw niya magpakamatay nalang siya. Tapos si Errol ang pinakanakakabwiset sa lahat. Wala na ngang ginawa, nanggugulo pa. eh kung wag ko kayang ilagay yung pangalan mo, since hindi rin naman magagamit yung walang kwentang research kuno na binigay mo. Kayo na mag-judge kung research nga ang tawag dito:

Wed, 28 Jun
2006 06:30:17 -0700 (PDT)
"Errol Jay Me***es"

places??? xenxa na

hehe... pntahan mo na lng 2ns site na 2... di aq mrunong mag
email e...yan na pnkamatinong site na mei mga infos...pero wlang pics... wla
tlga aqng mkita ng mei mga pics e..
.Fjordland and the
Southwest Unquestionably Fjordland and the Southwest is Norway's most
important tourist area, due to its scenery. Many visitors arrive on cruise ships
working their way north along the coast from Stavanger via Haugesund to Bergen
(see the World City Guide section) and the best known fjord of all,
Sognefjorden. Hardanger Fjord, Nordfjord, and Førdefjorden are among other
notable scenic attractions in the region.Near Sogndal, at the head of
Sognefjorden, lies Urnes, whose wooden stave-built church is a UNESCO World
Heritage Site.Inland are the Hardangervidda Mountains, which rise to over 1700m
(5600ft) and incorporate the National Park of the same name. To the north of
Sognefjorden lies Europe's biggest glacier, the Jostedalsbreen, and its
surrounding National Park of the same name. Immediately to the east of this area
is the Jotunheimen National Park, which contains Norway's highest mountain,
Galdhøpiggen (2469m/8100ft). Away from the fjords, on the southern holiday
coastline of Vest-Agder Fylke, is the port of Kristiansand, from which ferries
serve the UK and Denmark. Oslo
Oslo is the capital of Norway. This
multiethnic city, accommodates half a million inhabitants. It is located on the
top of Oslofjord, a week of Shagerrak. It is surrounded by Marka, very well
reachable wild forest from the city.It is most ancient Scandinavian capital:
founded by Harald Hardrada in 1050, it was destroyed by a fire in 1624.The king
Christian IV reconstructed it by stones and bricks and named it Cristania. The
ancient name restored in 1925.

what am i supposed to write in the brochure? parang:

Historical places to visit in Norway
xenxa na dear reader, just visit this site.

yeah right.
what a birthday.
gagawa pa ko ng Kenning namin ni mikee, bahala na kayong magpakamatay kung gusto niyo. basta ako, nakuha ko na yung mga sagot ni Ra. harharhar.

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