Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pickled Teaaaaa!

Arghh. I should've asked my dad to bring home more of those. I miss the sour stinging sensation the green chili and pickled tea leaves. And the annoyingly crunchy sounds of the pumpkin seeds. And the fried chinese beans. and the shredded prawn. the small round garlic thingys. the small peanuts. the fried green beans. the lima beans. the split-something. the sesamum. arghh. love <3.
Pic: my hand, thai chopstiks (that's why it's a tad bit long), preying on the shredded prawn. gawd.

Free Image Hosting at eek. lookie! this is Elaine (Lain,Lainey,Lainshie,Eleyn,Ileyn,Sue, you may know her). LOOK AT HER!! ain't she cute? :) with the matching bangs and brown aviators!! woooot!!

I haven't really studied for the long tests yet. And I'm afraid I have no plan to do so anyway. What is wrong with me. I promise. Next quarter, It'd be different.

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