Thursday, July 20, 2006

Okay. I'm through.

sigh. 9 years of being accompanied, wasted today. Nee-ner. i just figured out that it would be a lot easier if i go by my own in school.
no hassles. no delays. no decoys.
tomorrow, i'll try. try to go on by my own.


nah. i feel so evil.
evil pathetic.

since this afternoon, i feel so isolated.
no. i don't have any real friends anyway, have i?
i know. i know. everyone's just faking everything. even i. i haven't had a real friend ever.
they may be there. but, bah. they're not that true. i want someone constructive. i want a gentleman.
higit sa lahat, ayoko ng mayabang at yung feeling sa kanila umiikot yung mundo.
at least * knows me by my first name. at least i get praised for everything i do . sorry but i'm not as assertice as you.

sorry nalang. kung sino man yung maiiwan ko. kung meron man.
pero, makiki-hang-out pa rin naman ako. paminsan-minsan.
i just find life easier alone.
with nothing to listen to and all my work focused.
sorry kung bukas hindi ko kayo pansinin.
sorry kung hindi na ko mamansin.
i'm just manic depressed.
and getting even worse.
as each day pass.


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