Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Screw Yew

meek. meek. meek.
i just realized. i don't even have time to read other people's blogs. even those whom i linked. spit.
maybe a few visits to allyssa's and dayne's since i am totally unaware of first year lives. more spit to that. i don't even have time to visit rosa's or lara's extinct blog. it's sad when your friends don't own web logs. and they read yours everyday. quite unfair. pout pout.

nuff with the frou-frou.
whoop. people are so damn smart they do stupid things.
like assuming. oh my. another assunta assuncion.
gawd. you're resources are ever so brilliant. so brilliant that they're wrong. time to update your IP tracking skills. old issue though. but it's still bugging me. bitch. screw you and your ugly shape.

random. <- profile ko nung grade 6. eheh.

weh. at least i'm not forfeiting words and stealing mouths. gawd. all hail atheists.

i remember gytha ranting about her socials partner. rawr. :3 and aileen too. yep, ileng. he's the one. argh. talking about tattling.

tsk tsk. denne. anlakas mo sa bata. hehe. tsk.

na-overhear nga pala ng mga mahiwaga kong kabatch ang mga usapan ng batch **. (wow, two digits!)

tss. planning too early leads to disarray.

pinag-usapan daw nila yung color ng bats nila. and kinompare pa daw nila yung sarili nila sa isang older batch. weh. i never knew you were comparable to them.

basta kami, may reputasyon kaming inaalagaan na grandslam fourth. ehehe. at ang motif namin this year ay talong. joke lang yun.

perkins taking over. wooow. i remember mashi, wheaty, lolo, the arinola, the carinderia and the tocinong palong ng manoque at nilagang sabon. naman. first year pako nun eh. naman. uh-oh. smells like teen spirit.

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