Saturday, October 28, 2006

wikihow wikiwhere wikiwhen?

i had nothing to do last night, so i decided to scare myself off with deep sea creatures *shiverrr*. i get freaked out by marine life. even algae. and plankton. shiit. what more could dumbo octies and fangtooths bring. :0

what else freaked me out last night?
let's see. random wikihow articles. scary.

*They stare at you and then look away if you look at them. But its a good
stare not a cold one.

*Look at her, and when she looks at you look at her for a few more seconds.
This shows that you think she's pretty, or if you're shy turn away quickly,
girls think that's cute.

*Look for these signs. His/her mind is not in what he/she is doing. He/she
glances at you often with a smile. He/she acts differently around you (quiet
person is more talkative, chatty person acts shy).

*Change your position and see if he/she still glances at you at your new
position. If yes, the interest is there.

*To make a final conformation. Walk past the person. Close, but not very.
See if this induces some visible effects. If yes, you can be sure the person is

*One of the easiest ways to know if a guy likes you is if he gives you
quick glances and stares at you every so often. Watch him and if he looks at you
quite often from time to time, HE LIKES YOU! (ohhh crap!)

*She'll usually all of a sudden get louder or quieter when you come around.

*Notice how she looks at you--she will either hold it for a long time or
pull away immediately.

*If she stalks you, she likes you.

kahit anong mangyari, hindi pa rin ako mananalo sa staring contest pag si elaine ang kalaban. kapre yun eh. :D

anyhoo. there are other articles on how to turn down guys. even those who pretend you like them. :D oh joy.

tumaas nako ng 3 levels. yehey. oh joy.

at.. scrunchable & bender-able na din ang hair ko. yehey!

nasan na. nasan na si terracotta pahid boy. i need to stop cussing.

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