Monday, October 16, 2006

Starlight Starbright,

piss. when i got to risk the most important things for him, i get to like him less.
:( aww. it's not everyday that i see you, okay? show up. stalk me. hah. yeah. i saw you.
once in the morning, a couple of times during *beep* class. once on our *beepbeep* class, and after classes.
piss. i really really hate you. three days, sonny. three days. t-h-r-e-e.

Problem set sa Math = 50.5/60. wah.
last day ng journ kanina kung san nag-open si maam jew. hayun.
may mga tests bukas. hatred. and we still haven't started our eng projects yet.
piss. i'm really starting to get bugged. sometimes i just want to be alone. but i can't. kasi madaming tumititig sakin. which is scary. (except for the batang matitigs. hurrah for you, oh come look. :3 )

people may have noticed that for the past few weeks i've been acting
oh yeah. i know what this calls for.
i need to bring my baby bro to school. yipee! :)

this sembreak, i'll have my hair dyed deep brown. and my eyes green. hurrah. :*

ah pota.
basta. galit ako sayo, lam mo kung sino ka.
mas maganda pa lahat ng mga naging katulong namin sayo.
respeto? you don't deserve respect. di ka karesperespeto.
ahee. when i get rich, ima buy my own domain name.
and scrawled on the index page would be something like:
"Eff You *name* *surname*"

teehee. tsk. i should be doing my homeworks.

i miss B1. tsk. bukas. bukas. magparamdam ka.

hi nars. :) wehehe.

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