Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pamper day!

yeyeh. since wala kaming magawa ni mamy. at naputol pa ang paglalaro ko ng lost in blue 2 at panonood ko ng family guy (oy mga bakla, kelan tayo mag pupuntang springfield??!).. nagkikay nalang kami.

i had my hair cut. plus kuku bar. saya. :))
ang bilis. ngayon i know, id rather have my nails painted sa kuku bar.. :) haha. image model, senator juan flavier! lets doh it.

note to very nosy people with bone in their brain:
ROAR you. i am not intimidated. do not underestimate the powers of webmasters and sorts. this very page is encoded with tiny little traps i call trackers. CHOP!! lucky you, i haven't placed a crashing script for your PC. if that happens, you gonna hafta looky up from anotha system! (im hawt cos im flahh! haha, gioan.)

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