Monday, July 16, 2007

shunning dunning

lately have i realized that this life i lived as monotonous for so long.
boring. and i've been living it so long that i coped up with it for the longest time.

shit. i also concluded that the only friends you can call genuine are the ones closest to your heart. the ones you love. the ones who actually care. the ones whom you actually know and not just people who suck on you for your skills and HxC prowesses. and hate you over nothing. and claim things as their own. I HATE IDEA THIEVES. f*ck the what. so much for you, friend. or should i say fiend?

i am, officially, again, of the nerd society.

chickens be glad. i just want to be alone. asleep.
i don't want anyone around now.
i don't want much noise.
i don't want much trouble.

i am, officially, mildly narcoleptic.

i just want to sleep. no fuss. no mess. just the light feeling it gives when i feel my limbs turn numb and as voices fade and my breathing hurts. it's like a drug. sleep gives me much. sleep away from everything, everyone. from people i thought were true but were goddamned psychobitches. from little girls who have absurd habits of assuming. cut it out.

i am, officially, hating someone. for whatever trouble she'd done. for whatever it cost me, and others. for whatever she thought. FTW.

i'll ready my breakfast and eat hearty. for tomorrow sa PE i dine in hell. because only spartan women give birth to real men.

FTW. i try to fix things up. i don't make decisions, you two do. see, two factors? it's not my fault he keeps on saying things. i don't know why you're so cross. fudge. ayoko na talaga.


bakit parang pag ako ang gumagawa eh anlaking dagok? hindi ko naman kayo pinagbabawalang makipagkaibigan diba? sana fair lang kayo. :\ it's my choice. it's my right. baket, selos? insecure? naiinggit? bite me.

what ever the fudge you say. think what you will. say what you would. as long as i get enough sleep, i don't give a damn about the world.

wallow in insecurities. :|

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