Sunday, July 29, 2007

UPCAT + wtf

i've been wasting my time. having fun in the wee hours finishing games with my dear Sugar (hell, i love adventure/mystery games. and i won't stop til i finish em), having my thumbs numbed from texting, gouging my eyes out (almost) from excessive coding, hacking, and whatever things one can do to a computer. WELL, FUN'S OVER GIRL. (oh wait. i'll have to impulse buy that cute pair of wedges pala, haha [: )

what more, problems're piling up. HELL, this blog alone causes stirs.
liek, (yeah, LIEK,) people i'd call asuncions or assumptionists can't get enough of my rants. PLEEEESE if you really think you're the ones being mauled here, then, so and so. ang tamaan, sorry; and magreact, guilty!

what what more. I SO EFFIN LOVE MY LIFE. i won't be leaving out the fun with my friends just to be with some n00bs in my life. n00bs are n00bs. friends are uber. all the wacky goodness. the nonsense gatherings, arcade crashing, food parties, nights out, projects, birthday bashes, eve-ry-thing, baybee! i think we're just both confused. i'm confused. you're confused. we're all confused. damn psyduck.

sooo. i'll just breathe really deeply. hope the pressure doesn't pile up. and exhale all anxieties.
GOD. [damn agnosticism!]

wah. ang isang buwan ng summer review para sa UPCAT ay nagsilbing isang refresher lamang. tae. dapat mga 50% ng upcat eh Bio. tae talaga. tas ung other 50% eh english, haha.. OMfG. Fine Arts, humanda.


University of the Philippines Integrated School, Batch 2008
Good Luck, Godspeed and Gut Feel! :)

ayus. hulaan ito. :)

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