Monday, July 30, 2007

malaya na ako

it's official. :)

terminated this whole thing. got to buff up my guts first before doing so.
but it turns out i am so young (juvenile? yuchhh) to be ready for the world.
nasasakal na ko.. mas masayang mabuhay...
it's over, mmkay? over over over. no more buts, if's, and let's says.
x: let's say there's this person and she's a bisexual.
y: let's say that's me.
OKAY. so it all boils down to this today:
1) i am bi. (wtf?!!?!?!?! since when)
2) rapist ang militar (comm devt)
3) nawala na ang sumpa ng drugs.
4) nakakalasing ang toffee apples!

terse. bitter. sweet.

so now.

I WIN. again.

winning streak. undefeated.
LOSSES: -none-
WINS AGAINST: 100php boy, batang tanga, koppa, arctic ninja, anak awaw, obs, eynggg, furry sea what?
okay. 8 points for me now. :) race to ten ito. :)))) hahaha.

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