Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Second Day ng Fair : Bow-ring.

should have seen it coming. this day is no different than the other day. wala namang nangyari. bukod sa nanalo yung section namin sa pautakan, tapos nag-second yung team namin, at naglaro ng maraming laro sa maraming cellphone, at naglaro sa laptop no jew, at nagdrawing sa art attack.. at... yun lang. :(

at putangna pa tong nanay ko. argh. "baka lumabas dyan sa computer yung pinapabili mo sakin." heller?! minsan lang ako magpabili sayo, para naman sa project yon, tinatamad ka lang puta ka. so sabi ko "anong gusto mong gawin ko?" eh tatanga tanga kasi, kanina pa ko nagpapabili, hanggang ngayon di pa bumibili. bobong nanay na walang alam sa computers.

so. horoscope ko within the past few days at bukas.

    • Your keen eyes spot something that leads to deeper friendship and opens up a
      world of new conversation. Explore carefully until you've developed a map, and
      make practical plans to encourage even more growth.
    • In friendship, things are
      getting brighter as some unfriendly attitudes will be cleared up.
    • At work, avoid
      being aggressive and fall into line.
    • In Love, you are tempted by new
      opportunities but you don't have the courage.
    • Whether by gesture, eye rolling,
      texts or words, you've got the communication bug today, and everything you say
      and do is intended to be perceived and understood. Good relationships firm and
      solidify because of it.

ah ewan. anong kalokohan yan? ewan ko. mabuhay ka. mabuhay kayo.

this is a scene from the detective kumon movie. that's my effin hand. yeah. death by clippers! oyeh. i don't know why, but it's not even my fault i love the taste of blood. and no, jherv, i am not suicidal. :i just finished making butchering my pastores costume. they were supposed to be birdie wings but then i made em look like card captor sakura wings. i still haven't cooked up something to wear. all i know is that i snagged that paisley organza skirt i made a couple of months ago (september, actually). Pastores. ohh crap. i could just curl up and die.

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