Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Creme Brulee

my right eye is strained (i think).
i've been playing with my pupils a while ago, pointing a high brightness LED flashlight (in the dark) to shrink the pupils and then grow it back to its original size. i am scared of my eyes. i never thought pupils could get that big. i made them grow to take up 70% of the iris-space. it's scary. :S at least for me it is.

anyway. i need a haircut. i still have 2 homeworks. and three subjects to review.

i've been addicted to making paper beads. there's this part in the book "The Last Time I Saw Mother" where the real mother (or was it the older sister?) narrates how she made the divider for her room. she cut up magazines into long triangles and rolled em to make a single paper bead. i've made 6 strings in 2 days. :) yay. i also made 2 milk cartons. they come in handy when giving away gifts. i still have to make hibiscus gift tags.

i feel so eco friendly these days. i could sit in my room for hours listening to Beach Boys (locomotion!!), Queen, Eheads, and lo-fi indie bands making things out of paper and yarn. :)
Reconstructed and recycled crafts make me feel all bummed up. twisty plastic and colored glass. ditzy. trippy. hawhaw.

You will be able to cut down on your duties in the professional sector and to
treat yourself to some small distractions to reduce accumulated stress. In Love,
a new contact will make you dream a lot.

ugh. nga pala. may autoload na ako. haha! yeyhey. hey.

and one more thing.
I already know how to play the ukelele!!
nyahahaha! i am sooo happy with that. :)
my favorite chords, are C and Am. hihihi. G sucks. and D.
and i can play Let Me using me Uke. me uke me like.

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