Sunday, November 19, 2006

enough with pink gaming consoles, okay?

i made an experimental site. blah. i think it'd be better if you visit me from there from now on. it's but i'm still looking for another host. i'll tell you if i find one. :)

yay for Wii! yeah sure. it's not pink but then who cares.

MONDAY na bukas. hurrah. :p happy. :)

edi nagpagupit nga ko nung lunch last sat.. wehehe. kinailangan ko lang ng bangs.

tapos ngayon. i'm broke.hehe. lintik na vanity yan oo.

nga pala, i tried this name analysis thingy out. and surprisingly, it was accurate. well, may mintis pero ayus ah.

gagawa pa pala ako ng report tungkol sa SUSO (snail) para sa english. hehe.

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